Université de Liège


Tomograph RX/320 kV – travel distance of 4.2 m and 12,800 scans/r.
This machine is unique in the world. Its RX power and capabilities enable ULg to create extremely precise 3D images. The key to its success was finding a way to have the measured sample turn, rather than the entire RX equipment (as is the case with a medical scanner).

ULg: Hot air or superheated steam dryer

ULg ordered this very sophisticated equipment to model the drying of organic material (e.g. waste water treatment plant sludge). The project is one of the most advanced and complex undertaken by PRO ACTIS. In addition to the special materials used, the sensors and equipment provide excellent performance.

Drying is monitored by weight, the result of the evaporation of water contained in the sample. An infrared camera enables assessment of the loss of volume. Multiple pressure and temperature sensors ensure fluid production under the conditions required.

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