Jean-Etienne FRAITURE decided to create SPRLu Pro Actis in October 1999 after working as an industrial engineer internationally for 15 years.
PRO ACTIS is an industrial integrator which provides its clientele with both Machine Design AND Building services.


Very few companies are still willing to take on the very significant risks inherent in this activity. There are risks at every level: technical, functional, financial, civil and criminal liability, etc.
PRO ACTIS has proven its ability to meet these challenges. Our solid references are proof of this.


SPRLu with a “U” for Unipersonal is a choice which implies making decisions alone. However, it certainly doesn’t mean working alone! On the contrary, it means relying on responsible people who can manage public and private contracts of up to €1 million from A to Z.


The province of Liege’s industrial past has left it many super-specialised companies which are particularly skilled and efficient. They are PRO ACTIS partners!
The Pro Actis network of partners makes for a variable geometry company, a thoroughly modern industrial tool which delivers a high level of flexibility, responsiveness and competitiveness.