Our assets

Our skills and know-how are required in the office, but are primarily built in the field, where we have been active for over 30 years.

While the technical and human challenges we have overcome have made us humble, they have also made our strength:  multi-disciplinary knowledge and technical mastery acquired on five continents.

It is essential that we:

Listen to our customers and relate their specialisations to ours. They are different, but are a source of indispensable complementarity.

What we have learned:

To build skills synergies which become effective tools for meeting the requirements of our customers.

What we dare to do:

Think out of the box and explore the unusual, as long as it is realistic and useful.

What we are:

“Industrial artists”. Artists, because creativity is a prerequisite for developing new concepts and because inventiveness is required to combine materials which are sometimes born of very different technologies. Industrial, because, first and foremost, we work in the real business world with the rigour and methodology required.

What we can build:

Special machines which meet customer needs. This isn’t always easy, but we have never abandoned a project or customer half way.