Pro Actis is an industrial integrator and offers its clientèle Machine Design AND Building services.
The “AND” is very important. It implies overall handling and management of the project entrusted to us, from conception to installation and commissioning. We find the right solution, whether you need a one-off prototype or equipment for small or medium production series.
The success of each project is the result of a two-way relationship with every customer. This approach can be illustrated as follows:

The basic criteria which define our business are:

  • Quality and meticulousness
  • Skill and creativity
  • Meeting deadlines and commitments

These criteria are not an advertising slogan. They require daily care, attention and faultless organisation.

By taking all technical aspects into consideration and applying multidisciplinary expertise, we will build your project on a coherent, well-thought out and consistent foundation. Our goal is to ensure that each of our customers is entirely satisfied. PRO ACTIS is a dynamic and reliable partner for many companies, from SMEs to major groups, who want the benefit of cost-saving outsourcing.

This is the reason why we have built a network of companies around PRO ACTIS. They are much more than simple subcontractors: they are true collaborators, both rigorous and highly skilled.
PRO ACTIS is a variable geometry company, a thoroughly modern industrial tool which provides a very high level of flexibility, responsiveness and competitiveness.

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